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Storage Sheds
Unfortunately, this is the only photo that I have of a storage shed that I designed and built. The customer did not want this to look like a common storage shed, she wanted it to look rustic and similar to an "old country store". It is approximately 12 by 12 with storage shelfs inside. There is a ramp for the riding lawn mower and a four foot wide door to drive it into. She placed replica tin signs to give it that "rustic store" apperance. The main roof is a shed style roof with fiberglass shingles. The overhang roof was constructed with some old tin that I was able to locate that already had a solid coat of rust on it. Whether you want a Storage Shed that appears to be old like this, or something fancy, give me a call. You can show me what you want or tell me how you want it to be and I'll design it for you. 
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